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    New Member Introductions
    What's up guys, I'm Toby and I'm a new member. I am a soon to be college student and I am looking to restore a Chevelle with my father during my final summer before heading off to college. My current set of wheels is a 95 civic (was a gift from my grandfather) which I tastefully modded myself...
  2. 366 Large oval port heads on 454?

    Hi, I'm new to this forum, but finally purchased a chevelle which at this is just a roller already primed. My dad and I were fixing up one together when I was younger, but unfortunately the painter ran off with it. Anyways, I bought a 454 with a 400 Turbo trans, and unfortunately the 454 came...
  3. Solid or Hydraulic Roller Lifters?? - Newb.

    I'm a newb...What's the difference between solid and hydraulic roller lifters, cams, etc. Which do you recommend? I just bought a 383 -er 388 (400 Crank, .060 over) short block. I like the power numbers for #11 on Ryan's website: Any...
  4. Which is the right head gasket??????

    I have built a 454 .60 over 840 heads hyd. roller. Well as soon as the motor was together a lifter bottom cam out, engine works brand, all comp roller now! Fixed that then a piece of the lifter bottom locked the oil pump up there was a massive hole in the screen that I have no Idea how it got...