1. 69 Chevelle Header Panel Emblems Extra Hole?

    Restoration Corner
    Greetings everyone, I'm still finishing up restoring my 69 SS 396 and finally placed all the emblems on the body yesterday. Fender SS & 396 emblems were a bear to install going through the wheel wells to place the back side fasteners... Anyway, I seem to have an extra hole to the left-center...
  2. '72 Rear 'Chevelle by Chevrolet' Emblem Question

    Body Shop
    I searched around for an answer to my question without any good results. My question is, what is the difference in placement of the "By Chevrolet" portion of the rear trunk lid emblem? I've seen it where it is indented over to the right side, starting under the second E, and also where it...
  3. 71-72 Rear-Bumper SS Emblem Location

    Restoration Corner
    Guys, I have seen this question a couple times, but not really an answer yet. I am looking for the correct location for the rear-bumper SS emblem on a 71-72. Is it supposed to be vertically centered in the space above the license plate? I'll have to drill the bumper I am using, so don't...