1. Mini Starter Smoking - Over 100degF on the outside!

    Electrical & Wiring
    Brand new engine, starter, etc. Red top battery at 14v went to start it and acrid odor and smoke from the inside (cables are good) and a distinct sizzling going on. Only thing that went wrong in its life was last week when my father and law and I were hooking everything up he had the cables...
  2. Engine turning over but will not start

    I have a 1969 El Camino 350 with Edelbrock 4b carb, i was recently driving home from work when suddenly the car shut down. After pulling over, I attempted to restart the car but it wont fire. I had recently installed a new distributer and fuel filter, so Im guessing (HOPING) its not that. Im...
  3. Electrical Oil Pressure guage install, sbc

    Hey guys, I am wanting to put an electrical oil pressure gauge in my car, the car is a 1970 with a 350. I know the 'idiot light' sender comes from beside the distributor, is that where I would hook up the oil pressure gauge as well? How would I hook it up in that location, or is there a...
  4. My baby wont fire - 69 camino

    well i was driving down the road, about a block away from my house thankfully, when my car just died on me. i was able to push it back to my house to start working in it. now she starts to turn over but wont fire. i just replaced the the cap and rotar on my distributer, still wont fire. there...
  5. 72 SS gauge cluster to customize or not?

    Electrical & Wiring
    So ever since my wiring fried last winter and I did an emergency rewiring with the painless kit and about 2 weeks of after work labor I got the car rewired with exception of the dash gauges... I tried every wire combination on the little black wiring block that I could find online! and...
  6. Tach not working

    Electrical & Wiring
    My dash tach on my 1970 Chevelle stopped working. It is stuck on 1500 rpms. I purchased the car fairly recently. I know nothing about tachs. Could anyone provide a new member were to start?:confused: