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  1. Heating & Cooling
    Hi. I bought a new radiator, fan shroud, and fans for my ‘72 Chevelle. I was surprised to see that the shroud had no bolt holes for biltong the shroud to the radiator or the fans to the shroud. The shrouds that I have seen in the past have had nice riveted holes for secure fastening. Mine is...
  2. Heating & Cooling
    Hi, i'm rebuilding my 67 chevelle that was dismantled when i bought it and i'm finally ready to install the 350 sbc engine. The engine has an electric water pump with no thermostat(and no restriction) and electric fans. Should the electric pump run all the time and have the electric fans come on...
  3. Heating & Cooling
    I am doing a Vintage Air install on my 65. They say to use the trinary switch instead of the binary switch for electric fan control. I have an aftermarket electric fan setup that works fine, using the temp sender on the intake. do I really need to change over to this trinary switch? Thanks
1-3 of 3 Results