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  1. Restoration Corner
    Hey guys, I have aftermarket door shells on my 66 but they did not come with predrilled holes for the mirrors. Does anyone have the measurements or locations for these? I am putting the Morris Classic Rectangle Style on the car since the round have been out of stock for months. Both driver and...
  2. Chevelle Tech
    Hi Folks, Can you please help me identify an appropriate replacement driver's side door mirror? I've got a '64 4-door wagon with a desert patina that I'm looking to preserve. It's missing the driver door mirror, and what I've left from it are a mark in the patina, some fragments of the rubber...
  3. Chevelle Tech
    Hello! I am not only new to the forum, but I am only recently the owner of a 1972 Chevelle SS. From the time I first learned to drive I have always wanted one of these incredible cars and now I am proud to say I finally am! While my car seem to be in good shape mechanically (I have a...
1-3 of 3 Results