1. Dakota Digital Settings

    Electrical & Wiring
    Just finished installing a VHX dash in my 67 Chevelle and will be going through the settings this weekend and was curious what people are running. Some are pretty standard / default stuff like fuel sender and such. But was curious what warning settings, for example, people are using for water...
  2. 1970-72 SS Chevelle dash carrier part numbers

    Chevelle Tech
    If anyone on site here has some 70-72 Chevelle SS dash carriers in their inventory would you please check them for part numbers and let me know what yours says? I have a 70 carrier with the part number 6493000 and I also have a 72 style dash carrier with the seat belt warning opening and...
  3. Firewall Pad Install

    Does anyone have pictures of a 70-72 firewall pad installed. I am just putting mine back in and don't remember the large cutouts in the steering column area. Want to make sure that I am doing it right. Pictures with a steering column would be helpful also. I should have taken more pictures!!!
  4. Tachometer

    Chevelle Tech
    Hi guys I'm new here and need some help finding a replacement tachometer for my 1964 Chevelle 300. It has a 283 with a Powerglide. I put an ad on craigslist and got a reply from a fellow who said he had an oem tach from a 67 gm pick up. Would that fit in my dash? and does any body know the red...
  5. SS tach and clock add....

    Chevelle Tech
    I have had a shop price out adding a clock to the center small hole and the tach (w/oil/volts/temp) to larger hole now (that has idiot lights) Price quoted was 1200.00 and that included the two gauges and wire harness needed. Is this a good price? How difficult is this? Instructions any...
  6. 72 SS gauge cluster to customize or not?

    Electrical & Wiring
    So ever since my wiring fried last winter and I did an emergency rewiring with the painless kit and about 2 weeks of after work labor I got the car rewired with exception of the dash gauges... I tried every wire combination on the little black wiring block that I could find online! and...
  7. DASH Removal - step-by-step

    This is notes from from my project - change the dash on my 1971 Chevelle Malibu, sweep dash. I pulled the whole dash and replaced it and the harness. Hopefully SOME of this will be useful; it would be great to have details like this for other years/models. I was so busy that I lost the ability...