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  1. Interiors
    I’ll be replacing the dash pad and painting the dash, replacing headliner, carpet and need to figure something out behind the seat of my 64 el Camino. The dash was painted a semi-gloss black. Would SEM satin black look ok? The sheen of the dash pad and door panels may be closer to semi-gloss. I...
  2. Body Shop
    I have be trying to find a new dash pad for my 70' chevelle. Year One is on a 10 week back order and Eckler's no longer carries replacement dash pads. If anyone knows of any other websites that may sell them I would appreciate it.
  3. Interiors
    I just got my original dash pad back from I drove up and dropped it off (3 hours round trip) and decided to pay for it to be shipped back ($50 overnight). The dash pad that came ON the car is in great condition and I'm listing it and the original sweep dash for sale under...
1-3 of 4 Results