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cylinder heads
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  1. Engine
    I took a straight edge to my engine block and there doesn’t seem to be any warping. I can’t get a 0.0015 feeler gauge under the straight edge. But there does seem to be some porosity on the block. See photo. I’ve read a little about the pros and cons of each. I imagine for a daily driver, my 350...
  2. Performance
    Like the title says, I'm having some regrets on the recent BB build and new TH400 that I recently installed in my '67. :( My first inclination when I decided on replacing the drive train after buying back the '67 Sedan was to build/install a LSx motor and O/D auto tranny. Being very unfamiliar...
  3. Performance
    Here's some pics of the Patriot heads the second time around, with un finished seats, supposedly ready for a valve job. Here's what I started with (after re-doing the guides). It's hard to see, but I think one of the problems on these is that the seats are installed with the tops below the floor...
1-3 of 3 Results