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  1. Engine
    So I am in the process of buying a 540 and I am trying to figure out if a 540 standard deck will fit in a 69 chevelle without any issues under the original hood. I am looking at several crate motor manufacturers and wondered if anyone has an opinion who are safe crate motor manufacturers to buy...
  2. Performance
    I am looking to find a ~550 HP 454 or 502 engine for my 67 Chevelle. I was all set to buy one from Vortec Pro Performance in CO Springs near where I live but it appears that Mark Jones is no longer online. I live near the Denver, CO area. What are reasonable engine builder alternatives that I...
  3. Silver Sport Transmissions
    Silver Sport Transmissions has added GM 12 bolt and Ford 9" axle assemblies to our product line and soon we'll be able to provide turn key crate engines. The axles are complete and ready to install: ��• Fully powder coated • GM Disc or Drum brakes - your choice • Brake lines • Choice of axle...
1-3 of 3 Results