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  1. Body Shop
    The Nu-Relics power window kit for my 70 Malibu project fit and worked pretty well until I tried to fine tune the match to the roof line and the rear windows. Have found that both front windows bind near the top (the last two inches) and when coming down, those same two inches drop quickly...
  2. Transmission & Driveline
    I have a 65 Chevelle Malibu that I am currently trying to restore. I'm going to put in a 327 engine, and I want to covert the current column-shift automatic to a console Muncie 4-Speed. However, I am wondering what the process to do so would be, including what parts I would have to purchase, the...
  3. Wagons & Four Doors
    I have a 67 Malibu 4 door and I'm going to install bucket seats one way or another. Looking at procar rally seats. Do i just need the inboard weld in brackets? Do i need the procar chevy adapters as well? Apparently they don't test these things in 4 door cars and from what I understand the the 4...
  4. Silver Sport Transmissions
    Be sure to check out our new A body kit pages! '64-'67 - '68-'72 -
  5. Silver Sport Transmissions
    Guys and Gals, We received this testimonial today and it's a good thought for those of you who refuse to cut your floor for a Tremec TKO. Over the years, I've seen installs where cutting was not required and having good body mounts is extremely important. A 3/4" drop might be a bit much but...
  6. Brakes, Suspension & Steering
    Hi everyone, first post. Read through a lot of information on the site, but didn't quite get a good sense of how to trouble shoot my issue. I converted a 70 Chevelle to 4 wheel disc power brakes from Right Stuff, but can't get the rear brakes to bleed. Orignally the car had 4 wheel power drums...
1-6 of 9 Results