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  1. Restoration
    If you’ve ever customized a car of your own, or even just dreamt about making some aftermarket mods, you’ll know how enjoyable (and sometimes challenging) the process can be. And if you’re looking for a community to share (and maybe sympathize) in those experiences with you, look no further than...
  2. Engine
    I have an Engine Block w/ casting # 3855961 with a 4-bolt main. I can't locate the date code and it looks like the VIN is missing. Any idea what this engine is? Is this a 1966 L78 375hp 396? ANy help locating the date code and explain why the VIN is missing?
  3. El Caminos
    Have a 64 El Camino with original the 327, 2-speed Powerglide. Runs beautifully and am working on cosmetic restore now. Am currently looking for rear quarter panels and an interior panel for driver side door. If have website recommendations or tips on cost-effective shipping when it comes to...
  4. Conversions
    Running into a issue with front disc brake conversion, right stuff has brake lines for the front that goes up to a proportioning valve under the brake reservoir. Problem I’m having, I removed the distribution block, but now the rear line that stopped at distribution block isn’t long enough to...
  5. Transmission & Driveline
    Hi everyone, i have a 69 el camino with a 502 and I just put a 4 speed in it and I put a rm-6021sfi part number QuickTime scattershield in my 69 el camino and my mechanical clutch linkage will not line up because the clutch fork is in the 7:00 position. Would a rm-6022w be the right part number...
  6. Engine
    I just put a GenV 454 into my '70 Chevelle where a 396 once sat. I'm trying to mount my alternator and power steering pump but because the water pump is different nothing is lining up. Does anyone know somewhere that sells brackets for such a thing or is a fab job my only option?
  7. Restoration Corner
    On a 1969 Chevelle SS with a 396/350 HP, TH400, and factory A/C what are the orginal GM part numbers for the cooling fan, fan clutch, shroud, and radiator?
  8. 1966 SS Parting out 70s way it was

    How it was, parting out Chevelles, was not unusual to cut up, part out with frame problems. Today that car would be saved. One year we bought 4x SS 66s to make one 66 convert.
  9. Chevelle new wheels side view

    Vision 17x7 front, Vision 18x8.5 rear, QA1 coil-over front, lowered
  10. Restoration Corner
    I have been all over all the threads from many websites--can't find the actual mechanical differences listed. I am restoring a '68 Malibu from the KC GM Manufacturer. It has (what I believe to be original) a 327 L30. If it is not, I'd like to convert it to a L79. What's the compression...
  11. Common Parts - All Years
    Located in Chicago, IL 15 minutes from ohare. Yes a real garage sale. I am moving and have a lot of pieces wont take with me. Lots of chevy parts. Chevelle parts I wish I could list it all. Will only be selling parts out of garage. Many small and big parts. Several boxes full of fasteners...
  12. Engine
    Trying to identify if I need to check my hearing or if I’m really hearing a knocking/tick when I pop the hood. Any thoughts? 66’ Chevelle Knocking
  13. Brakes, Suspension & Steering
    Does anyone know the difference between 1970 coupe, elcamino, and station wagon rear springs and how to identify each? Oliver
  14. My newest Chevy

    Working on turning this into a clean resto mod...looking for a m22 to put in it
  15. Chevelle Tech
    winters (somewhat) over and it’s time for me to bring my car back from sitting at my dads house. anything i need to do before driving it 25 miles back to my moms? should i add something to the gas? i saw the oil a month ago and it was charcoal black and felt like water but his girlfriend...
  16. Chevelle Tech
    68fatty. New to this site and looking for help so I have a gen 4 block (1973-1985) I’ve had a lot of problems with this motor so in been in and out 5 times and 3 of the times the rear main seal didn’t leak but I had a summit racing oil pan (7 quart) sum-(G36012) on there till the oil pump...
  17. Body Shop
    Does anyone know how to tell the difference between a 71 and a 72 chevelle? For example, if you were shown a picture from the rear of 71-72 chevelle, is there any way to tell what year it is? I know there’s differences in the front and other places, but if it was a picture and you couldn’t walk...
  18. Transmission & Driveline
    Looking for some advice on which is the best oil to use in an original Muncie transmission. In this situation, I am speaking about an original M22 but I suspect the advice will be applicable to an M20 or M21 as well. From viewing threads on this forum, the two most popular options appear to be...
1-20 of 109 Results