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  1. Chevelle Tech
    (you can skip this but heres some background info) Hey my name's kyal and I turned 18 about a month ago. I just bought my first car, a 1972 chevelle big block (im not sure if its a 396 or 454) for 8 thousand. it runs and drives and only has surface rust and paint bubbles. I have 2 problems with...
  2. Body Shop
    I searched around for an answer to my question without any good results. My question is, what is the difference in placement of the "By Chevrolet" portion of the rear trunk lid emblem? I've seen it where it is indented over to the right side, starting under the second E, and also where it...
  3. Body Shop
    I have a '67 Chevelle SS 396 and the rear window track/channel is rusted away as many of them are. The roof top and sail panels are perfect and no rust. I'm hoping to get some ideas as to what I can do to repair the problem. I have the opportunity to buy a roof/top from a 1966 Chevelle coupe...
  4. Chevelle Tech
    I recently purchased a restorable 69 SS that needs transporting from Florida to NJ - any fellow members making a similar trip in the near future that would be willing to help? Any suggestions on a trustworthy transport company to use? Thank you for your advice!
1-4 of 4 Results