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  1. Performance
    Hello, My engine is: '74 454 block '71 LS-5 heads Comp Cams 11-246-3 camshaft Edelbrock Performer 2-0 intake manifold Holley 4160 750 cfm carb HEI ignition what power and torque I can expect from this setup, and what's more important, what will be safe max rpm for it? I'm bit afraid of going...
  2. Chevelle Tech
    I'm trying to verify the authenticity of all the various engine parts on a recently found (and supposedly all original) 69 Chevelle SS (L34, automatic) and have one inconsistency with the carburetor that I'm not sure about. The build date on the car is March 24, 1969 and the engine and all...
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    I have some Edelbrock Carburetors on sale. Edelbrock Thunder Series p/n 1806 - 650 CFM; Electric Choke - 349.99 shipped p/n 18064 - 650 CFM; Electric Choke; Endurashine - 429.99 shipped
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    Holley Street Avenger p/n HLY0-81570 - 570 CFM Carburetor; Manual Choke - $300.00 Shipped p/n HLY0-81670 - 670 CFM Carburetor; Manual Choke - $310.00 Shipped p/n HLY0-81770 - 770 CFM Carburetor; Manual...