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  1. Engine
    Hi I am new here and i am building building a chevy 307 with vortec heads for my brother. The question is; which cam should i use with these vortec stock valve springs? I have read that these heads have a limit, about the max lift they can handle, but i want to put a nice hydraulic flat tappet...
  2. Engine
    Members, Just purchased a 1967 Chevelle SS and want to bring it back to factory. One part I am struggling with is finding an OE like camshaft kit. Any assistance with the vendor and part # would be greatly appreciated. Scott
  3. Performance
    Hello, My engine is: '74 454 block '71 LS-5 heads Comp Cams 11-246-3 camshaft Edelbrock Performer 2-0 intake manifold Holley 4160 750 cfm carb HEI ignition what power and torque I can expect from this setup, and what's more important, what will be safe max rpm for it? I'm bit afraid of going...
1-3 of 3 Results