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  1. Transmission & Driveline
    Looking for some advice on which is the best oil to use in an original Muncie transmission. In this situation, I am speaking about an original M22 but I suspect the advice will be applicable to an M20 or M21 as well. From viewing threads on this forum, the two most popular options appear to be...
  2. Engine
    Hello my name is ken, Im new to this site, and I love chevy's so this is my new home, I was hoping I could get some help from some chevrolet lovers and maybe give me some pointers and help point me in the right direction of some ground pounding horse power.. Well.. I have a 350 4 bolt main its...
  3. Bench Racing
    Back in the late 70's my father bought and then built up this 1970 mailbu that he owned and loved for about 9 years up untill he had to part with it when my older brother was born. It was the first car he had ever taken out a loan to purchase. For the many years after he sold it, while not...
  4. 73 Camaro

    first project
1-4 of 5 Results