1. Blue smoke after cam swap

    Recently did a cam swap on my 454. Replaced all of the valvetrain including valve seals with a compcams kit. Also, took inner springs out of valve springs for the break in process. Put...
  2. Camshaft selection

    I have a GEN VI 502 freshened up bottom end new rings, bearing, etc.. Edelbrock 290 oval port heads milled to 100cc to get roughly 10.5:1 compression. 2.25int and 1.88ext valves. The heads have mild port work mainly on the intake exhaust just cleaned up bowl blend and valve job done. Vehicle is...
  3. Cams and Overdrive Transmissions

    In the transmission forum I see a lot of guys with overdrive transmissions say "my cam/engine doesn't like to run below xxxrpm on the highway with my 5/6 speed" "I hardly use 6th gear" etc. Can one get a 'performance oriented' cam that is happy with an manual overdrive transmission that...