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  1. Engine
    What's the secret to installing the intake manifold-to-water pump bypass hose on a BBC and making it look like it fits properly? I've repeated the installation a number of times using hose of various lengths and I still end up with a kink or unsightly bend in the middle of the hose. My car has...
  2. Engine
    Guys, how did you upgrade your bypass hose? I want it to look better than stock but Earls fittings wont fit (ironic). How did you create your bypass so it looks decent? Is it completely necessary or could I just block off the ports?
  3. 2007
    The bypass hose on my mtr is kinked, and I'm not sure how much of the flow it's cutting off. I got the correct hose from Year One, but it does not have the required bend in it. It was a real pia to put on (I went through two of them). My understanding is that this hose cools the heads a...
1-3 of 3 Results