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  1. Stock
    I have 2 sets of 1965 Chevelle Bumpers available for purchase. They are in pretty decent shape and are looking for new homes. Anyone interested in a front or rear bumper? I have pictures I can share, but don't see the option to upload here - maybe I am missing it. Located at the Jersey...
  2. Pro Touring
    Hello guys! I am a brand new member of the forum and since I haven´t studied all threats just yet I need some recommendations about were to get a front pro touring spoiler for my 70 chevelle malibu. any info about where to get one or someone who could make it would be a blessing!
  3. Body Shop
    So I was removing my old beat up bumper and was planning on installing my new repro, but I realized one of the bolts is just free spinning under the plate. The other bolt behind the plate came off trouble free but this one seems to have broke its weld or whatever is behind there. I can't find a...
  4. Body Shop
    As I'm restoring my '71 Chevelle and I'm planning ahead a bit as I'm waiting for the engine and Trans (EFI 502/CPT 200-4R) to be finished then installed into the finished chassis. The car will be getting new paint and I want to tighten up the gap were the rear bumper ends meet up to the body...
1-4 of 6 Results