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  1. General Classifieds
    ChevelleSSRepoDocs - Etsy Custom 1967-1972 Chevrolet Chevelle SS Reproduction Buildsheets and window stickers. Don't have yours? Or is it too bad to display with your baby at the next car meet? Never fear! Here you can get a set to detail exactly what your prized possession has under the hood...
    $100 USD
  2. Identification
    Attached below is a piece of paper found behind the rear seat of my '69 Chevelle. I'm wondering if anyone has ever seen a sheet like this. I can find nothing about it online. It seems to be marked SS which would make sense since all indicators point that the car was originally an SS396. Any...
  3. Tag Team
    This was glued to my 1970 Chevelle SS, discovered during restoration in 2002. My upholsterer found it, but didn't say where. Perhaps under the carpet, or in a seat? Regardless, can anyone decipher it? Might "M20" refer to a Muncie M20 tranny?
  4. Chevelle Tech
    Trying to find the build sheet for my 1970 Chevelle SS, built in Arlington, late in production. Anyone know where Arlington typically hid its build sheets?
  5. Restoration Corner
    Hi everyone, The chevelle bug has bit me again... The car I'll be referencing is my first car, a 1968 Chevelle SS396. I bought it in 1992 at 18 years old, and I still have it. In it's previous versions I built it as a drag car (big cam, big carb, big stall, big gear, fuel cell, etc..) In...
  6. Chevelle Tech
    OK guys I finally pulled my 72 out from back of the garage. I let my boys take it to school to work on it. Last time registered to drive was 1987. With my help and not the teachers help we got it running. Now my original plan with it was to make it a pro street car, but now unsure. Here is why...
  7. Found my LS6 Build Sheet

    My 1970 LS6 Build Sheet, as found, before removal.
  8. Progress_00001a

    See Gallery for car
1-8 of 8 Results