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  1. Engine
    Recently did a cam swap on my 454. Replaced all of the valvetrain including valve seals with a compcams kit. Also, took inner springs out of valve springs for the break in process. Put...
  2. Engine
    454/th400 both rebuilt and before I finished putting the rest of the engine bay together I wanted to get it started. Done! Now a couple things I am fuzzy on. Specs: 454 hyd roller cam, summit mini-high torque starter, victor junior clone, summit double pumper carb, holley mechanical fuel pump...
  3. Engine
    Getting my 327 back for my 65 Malibu Convertible. Edelbrock 1406 Carb Edelbrock E-street heads Edelbrock air gap manifold 10-1/2 to 1 compression. Crane mild cam. About 375 HP Should I use break in oil? Some guys say it is a must. Some say it is a gimmick. They say the added zinc fills little...
1-3 of 3 Results