break in

  1. Blue smoke after cam swap

    Recently did a cam swap on my 454. Replaced all of the valvetrain including valve seals with a compcams kit. Also, took inner springs out of valve springs for the break in process. Put...
  2. Initial 454 Rebuild Post Starting Questions

    454/th400 both rebuilt and before I finished putting the rest of the engine bay together I wanted to get it started. Done! Now a couple things I am fuzzy on. Specs: 454 hyd roller cam, summit mini-high torque starter, victor junior clone, summit double pumper carb, holley mechanical fuel pump...
  3. Break in oil?

    Getting my 327 back for my 65 Malibu Convertible. Edelbrock 1406 Carb Edelbrock E-street heads Edelbrock air gap manifold 10-1/2 to 1 compression. Crane mild cam. About 375 HP Should I use break in oil? Some guys say it is a must. Some say it is a gimmick. They say the added zinc fills little...