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  1. Engine
    I just put a GenV 454 into my '70 Chevelle where a 396 once sat. I'm trying to mount my alternator and power steering pump but because the water pump is different nothing is lining up. Does anyone know somewhere that sells brackets for such a thing or is a fab job my only option?
  2. El Camino
    Ok. So my 64 el camino was a 230 inline 6 car when new. At some point in its life it received a 1967 327 from an impala. The engine has headers with a welded bracket to the header flange to mount the lower alternator and upper P/S (power steering) bracket. I want to put new headers on, which...
  3. Body Shop
    My bad....I'm 90% through my '64 build and made the mistake early on of either selling, giving away or discarding some original brackets belonging to bumpers, alternator and PS pump. My stuff was rough and could have been saved with sandblast then PC or paint. Instead, I truly believed in this...
1-3 of 3 Results