1. 1967 Malibu accessory brackets

    Chevelle Tech
    Hello. I have a 67 Malibu with a sbc 383. I need brackets for the power steering pump and alternator. The alternator is on the driver's side with a sanden compressor on the passenger side. The brackets that were on the car were rigged. I would prefer a cheaper alternative to a serpentine...
  2. Clutch Linkage Bound and Pedal Sticking to Floor (Pics)

    Transmission & Driveline
    Hey guys! Can someone tell me what exactly is going on? I have a 70, was driving today when I depressed the clutch and it didn't return to its normal position. It was stuck 2/3 of the way down. I was able to get it home but had to literally mash down on the pedal to change gears. Inspection...
  3. Power Steering Bracket Help

    Chevelle Tech
    Ok.. before I go crazy ( oops... too late ) can anyone assist me with figuring out which power steering pump and bracket(s) will work with my project ? I have a 66 - 396 sitting in a 68 Chevelle. First bracket ordered from Summit, no worky. Called Billiet Specialties, and theirs that looks like...
  4. Alt & Power Steering Brackets

    Restoration Corner
    Anyone have any good suggestions or recommendations on Power Steering and Alternator brackets ? would like to find something other than the standard type mounts, hoping to kind of find a set made by same company, so they look alike. Been to Jeg's and Summit, just wondering what else was out...
  5. Where can I find a 454 front A/C bracket?

    Heating & Cooling
    I amn looking for a front A/C bracket for a BBC for the a/c compressor for my '71. This is the pice that bolts to the front of the compressor right behind the clutch and is used to adjust the belt tension. It looks like the letter "C". I've checked e-bay and the classsifieds but no help. Any...