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  1. Body Shop
    I am restoring a 70 SS and I am looking for body shop recommendations in the Greater Toronto Area, Ontario, Canada. Thanks!
  2. Body Shop
    Hi guys, I have a big problem with my paint that I think its solvent pop. I had done the body work and used some Evercoat gold filler and all appeared fine. I took it to a local body shop for paint months later. They said they needed to do some additional body work. They did some more “filler”...
  3. Restoration Corner
    I needed to replace the ass end of my SS. New panel does not have the holes for the "CHEVELLE" emblem. I know where the SS emblem goes and how far it is from the "SS" emblem but the AMI does not show if the emblem is centered (up or down). Can someone messure from the bottom trim to the bottom...
  4. Body Shop
    I am new 72 chevelle owner doing full restore took body off frame bought floor pan and trunk pan how should align body and frame before I put new floor I think I made big mistake took body off frame I may put every back together then put floor pans in . sorry about my english:confused:
  5. paintshop

    March 2011 Paint Booth
1-5 of 5 Results