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  1. Body Shop
    Hi all...looking at the attached picture, can anyone fill in the exact dimensions for A, B, C, & D? Also, i assume that the blue ballooned lengths are for the 2 door Malibu/Chevelle body. The picture is from the 1970 Chevrolet Chassis Service Manual. My plan is to build a cart using points A-D...
  2. Body Shop
    Can I roll this up to your house now? :D I'll bring lots of beer.
  3. Body Shop
    Body Cart Height.. Hello, I have done some searches but did not get a specific answer.. I am going to build a cart out of 4X4’s and 2x10’s.. With 6” Casters.. I am working out of my garage and will need to wheel the frame under the body for storage.. I will build the cart strong enough...
  4. Chevelle Tech
    hey all, well Im planning on a hopefully quick project before I go in for surgery in 3 weeks and wont be able to do anything for a few months after. I figured itd be a good project to brush up on my welding and get things sorted out so when I get back to work I can start building. I need to...
  5. Body Shop
    looking into building a stand for my 69 ss is limited ,working out of my 2 car garage . like to make it mobile.i have some fab/welding exp. any advice or pics. would be a great help .:beers:
  6. Body Shop
    A couple guys wanted some measurements, Its kind of hosed the way I did it, but if theres questions I can get more, I'm having a hard time figuring it out myself, and I built it.:clonk:anyway here it is. Rob
  7. Body Shop
    Im going to be making a "body Jig" so I can roll the body of my 71 around while I replace the sheet metal. (not a rotissorie) I will need to replace the floor and trunck. Anyone have pics or ideas on how to mount the body to the jig? I want to keep it simple. I have bought 4 casters, and was...
  8. Body Shop
    i have to do some work on my body(its a 67) and it needs to be off the frame for me to get at the kick panel and rocker area that rusted out. so seen as im replaceing the rocker on that side i figure i should put on a new quarter on that side which it needs seen as the quarter sits on top of the...
1-8 of 8 Results