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  1. Performance
    It was recommended to me to join all you Chevy lovers here to get some straight talk about a cam that would suit my build, actually having it built by Jim Stoddard, in Palos Verde, CA. He’s an amazing builder, but I’d like to educate myself to maybe guide the build, as I’d like a little more...
  2. 1967
    Looking for a good set of GM #3909802 heads [email protected] Thanks
    $1 USD
  3. Chevelle Tech
    Does anyone have any recommendations on a serpentine kit for a 67 chevelle with 396. I've been reading that the a body chevelles had clearance issues with several serp kits. I'm looking for part numbers and testimonies from people that have successfully installed a serpentine kit.
  4. Parts
    original stock cast iron intake off a 1969 396 big block. 150.00 or best offer plus shipping.
    $150 USD
  5. Engine
    Hey guys sorry for the possibly stupid question but inquiring minds and all that. My dad picked up a gen 6 454 intake and carb recently and ended up on the discussion of the cam. Factory cam so i know it’s a turd but the question I have is the factory specs put the cam timing at 117 degrees. I...
  6. What's it worth?
    Hi, I have a buddy who is willing to sell me his 396 Big Block Engine. He said to make an offer, but I don't even know where to start. The engine was originally in a Chevy Chevelle (I don't know what year), then was put in a 1965 Chevy pickup truck. He says that the engine would need to be...
  7. Performance
    Hello all, been awhile since ive been on the site. Either way, after dabbling with sbc and LS stuff. Ive finally ended up with my first 454. Early 80s motor home model with only 15K miles on it *owned by a family member.*, with i can only assume 781 oval ports on it and a measily 8.1...
  8. LSx Engine
    I am completely new to this forum and to my own personal project in general. If this is in the wrong place feel free to move it. I want to begin building a 496 BBB and have begun doing research but would like anyone else's input. I do not want to be to general but please feel free to post...
  9. Engine
    Is there any difference between a 454 4 bolt marine block and a car LS6 block? Thanks.
  10. Vendor Deals
    Pistons Start at Just $430.99 Click here to view FEATURES: • 4.250" Stroke • 6.385" Rod Length • 1.270 C/H • Increased valve clearance (up to .650 out of the box) • Tight piston to wall clearance • Reduced piston weight • Reinforced skirts. • Far stronger than hypereutectic cast pistons •...
  11. Restoration Corner
    I just bought a 3947772 fan and after cleaning it with mild dish soap i realized it needs repainting. My questions are these. First what would be a cheap and safe alternative to glass beading it. I'm worried that metal shot will etch the aluminum. Next what is the correct color to paint. I know...
  12. Body Shop
    Here's a few pics of the 66 SS I'm building for a customer. It's cut even further than in these pics and I'm in the process of media blasting now. I'll update the photos as it progresses.
  13. Engine
    I looked in the the archives used the search function and called all my known contacts. Nobody can seem to answer this. I just received a water pump pulley from Ebay for my 402. The number is 3976059AO. The measurements are 6.219 dia, 1.975 depth, 1.9125 back-spacing. Is there supposed to be a...
  14. 1975 Chevelle Burnout

    1975 Chevelle at the track. Its a rare thing to see one of these at the track. I think over the last 15 years, I have seen 2. Crazy!
  15. 1975 Chevelle Trunk

    15 Gallon RCI Fuel Cell and 10 lb NOS Bottle
  16. 1975 Chevelle 468

    468ci, 10:1 compression, Solid 304 Cam - 6.15 lift, Victor Jr. Intake, 850 Double Pumper Holley, MSD ignition, Hooker Headers - 2" primary - 3½" out, 150 shot of NOS.
1-19 of 24 Results