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  1. Interiors
    Hey Guys, My 67 has a split bench seat which I would like to refurbish, however it is not the original seat. It has provision for headrests (missing) with a single mounting pole for each headrest, can anyone tell me what year/model they may be from?
  2. Interiors
    I recently picked up a 72 cutlass bench seat. Will this fit in a 72 Chevelle?
  3. Interiors
    When I bought my Chevelle it had pretty nice racing buckets, Im thinking of switching back to the original bench seat. I know buckets can be considered desirable so Im kinda torn. Whats involved in switching back? How much can I expect to pay for the bench seat? Any input is appreciated.
  4. Interiors
    Besides a 50/50 bench from a '66 Chevelle, what other bench seat would work in my '66 El Camino? The car came with bucket seats per the data plate but they were gone. Prefer a bench anyway, just need to look for one and want to consider all options when searching. Thanks. Schenck66ec
1-4 of 6 Results