1. Russo and Steele Day 1 Pictures

    Bench Racing
    Drove over to the 101 and Scottsdale Road for the Russo and Steele Auction. Seeing the first 4 cars made the trip WELL worth it! There's LOTS of nice cars at this auction! Continued...........................................
  2. Barrett-Jackson Day 2 Pictures

    Bench Racing
    I was back at it again today. Didn't take as many photos today as I found other things to do. More friends from back east arrived (including my boss), so I rolled out of BJ and went over to Russo and Steele. Saw Shaun P there (thanks Shaun) and some VERY nice cars! Gonna start with the BJ stuff...
  3. Barrett Jackson Day 1 Pics

    Bench Racing
    Got an early start today and arrived at Westworld early this morning. Started out in the main tent where I didn't have too much interference with spectators. After a few hours, I made my way outside where it was VERY crowded for a Wednesday! Met up with my buddies from Maryland. So sit back and...