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  1. Bench Racing
    Drove over to the 101 and Scottsdale Road for the Russo and Steele Auction. Seeing the first 4 cars made the trip WELL worth it! There's LOTS of nice cars at this auction! Continued...........................................
  2. Bench Racing
    I was back at it again today. Didn't take as many photos today as I found other things to do. More friends from back east arrived (including my boss), so I rolled out of BJ and went over to Russo and Steele. Saw Shaun P there (thanks Shaun) and some VERY nice cars! Gonna start with the BJ stuff...
  3. Bench Racing
    Got an early start today and arrived at Westworld early this morning. Started out in the main tent where I didn't have too much interference with spectators. After a few hours, I made my way outside where it was VERY crowded for a Wednesday! Met up with my buddies from Maryland. So sit back and...
1-3 of 3 Results