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  1. Performance
    Put the old 565 in a tube chassis Super Street car. Started acquiring parts to make a similar 565 for my baby the "Orange Monster". The Straubinator has a new Dart block coming.
  2. Performance
    Has anyone had the pleasure? If so what's your combo? Are they all they seem to be...flow wise and potential power.:hurray: What intake dual/single plane? If on a well spec 540ci 10:5-11:3cr pump gas roller motor, what are some realistic tq/hp #'s........
  3. Performance
    After running my 540 4 seasons I am boring it .100 and running smaller heads. The 3800 lb. car has left ok in the mid 1.30 sixty foots and has mph at 133-134 but has not pulled as well mid track as most guys I race. With advice from Chris Straub, Scott Foxwell, Tony Mamo, Mike Lewis, and board...
  4. Performance
    Like the title says, I'm having some regrets on the recent BB build and new TH400 that I recently installed in my '67. :( My first inclination when I decided on replacing the drive train after buying back the '67 Sedan was to build/install a LSx motor and O/D auto tranny. Being very unfamiliar...
1-4 of 4 Results