1. One more time 357 Magnum

    Put the old 565 in a tube chassis Super Street car. Started acquiring parts to make a similar 565 for my baby the "Orange Monster". The Straubinator has a new Dart block coming.
  2. Afr 300 heads

    Has anyone had the pleasure? If so what's your combo? Are they all they seem to be...flow wise and potential power.:hurray: What intake dual/single plane? If on a well spec 540ci 10:5-11:3cr pump gas roller motor, what are some realistic tq/hp #'s........
  3. 565 upgrade with AFR heads

    After running my 540 4 seasons I am boring it .100 and running smaller heads. The 3800 lb. car has left ok in the mid 1.30 sixty foots and has mph at 133-134 but has not pulled as well mid track as most guys I race. With advice from Chris Straub, Scott Foxwell, Tony Mamo, Mike Lewis, and board...
  4. I'm wishing I hadn't built this big block...

    Like the title says, I'm having some regrets on the recent BB build and new TH400 that I recently installed in my '67. :( My first inclination when I decided on replacing the drive train after buying back the '67 Sedan was to build/install a LSx motor and O/D auto tranny. Being very unfamiliar...