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  1. Chevelle Tech
    Hello Members, i have a non a/c dash in my 66 Chevelle and i am working on ordering a Classic auto air System and was wondering what others have done for the vents and controls, anyone with pointers would be appreciated, i would like my dash to look as factory as possible. Please share your...
  2. Heating & Cooling
    Is there some one out there that rebuilds A6 compressors or sells rebuilt on with a core exchange? I am adding A/C to my 71 but the compressor needs to be rebuilt and I dont want to spend the $$ for a new one from the local auto parts store. Any suggestions?
  3. Heating & Cooling
    I amn looking for a front A/C bracket for a BBC for the a/c compressor for my '71. This is the pice that bolts to the front of the compressor right behind the clutch and is used to adjust the belt tension. It looks like the letter "C". I've checked e-bay and the classsifieds but no help. Any...
  4. Heating & Cooling
    In my 68 Chevelle SS396 with stock air conditioning and power brakes, would it be possible to remove the AC vacuum canister and run the vacuum hose to a new nozzle on the brake power booster? I could drill a small hole in the rear of the booster and attach a vacuum line. It would clean up the...
  5. Engine
    I looked in the the archives used the search function and called all my known contacts. Nobody can seem to answer this. I just received a water pump pulley from Ebay for my 402. The number is 3976059AO. The measurements are 6.219 dia, 1.975 depth, 1.9125 back-spacing. Is there supposed to be a...
1-5 of 7 Results