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  1. Restoration Shop
    Has anyone been able to locate a set of original 68-69 8 track mounting brackets or know of anyone that has had them reproduced? They are extremely rare and hard to find. Almost every Chevelle 8 Track that I have seen for sale is either missing the mounting brackets or has the incorrect 69...
  2. Restoration Shop
    I need to have my original AM/FM 8 Track Stereo Restored…again. Tuner is sticking and is not playing tapes too well. I googled and there were a lot of choices, I came across Joes, they seem to offer a complete resto, but hoping some of you have had some positive experiences with them or other...
  3. Chevelle Tech
    I'm planning on hooking up my 8 track stereo. Does anyone have suggestions on what speakers to use? The stereo needs between 8-10 ohm impedence. I don't have the originals. Is there a way to use the common 4 ohm speakers being sold with some sort of modification??? Thanks
1-3 of 3 Results