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  1. Performance
    I got a chance to buy a nice set of 049 heads from a friend with alot of money stuck into them. I'm not the type of guy looking for every possible hp but I'm a little worried about the cr being too low. I have a .070 short block with flat top pistons -3cc. and a 4.25 stroke. It has a 11-770-1...
  2. Performance
    While fixing a valve cover leak(stay away from those cheap fab ebay covers), I noticed one of the rocker arms was slightly loose, so i tightened it back up, Also before and after i adjusted the rocker arm I noticed that the poly lock is protruding about 2-3 threads higher than the others, should...
  3. Black Death 1969 Chevelle

    This car has transformed into a Gunmetal with all chrome blacked out, a lowered chance, and fat tires. This is a full bodied car. Stock interior. Street driven on E85 and currently raced on alcohol.
  4. Black Death/Mark Jones 498

    Black Death-Mark Jones 498 Street Driven on E85 and currently raced on Alcolhol!
1-6 of 6 Results