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  1. Ignition
    New build bbc 496 I need a little help reading the plugs. I’m using ngk fr5 plugs gapped to .35 Hei distributor. 22 initial and I curved the distributor for 14 mechanical. Total timing 36 It runs real good now but I wasn’t sure if the heat range is optimal. I originally had in a colder plug...
  2. Performance
    I’m stepping up from my last combo Old combo was the 463 with a straub hydraulic roller running 11.80 I had the itch to build a 496 this past year and it’s been a very slow process. I originally planned on putting a set of brodix race rite 270’s on the 463 but I ended up finding a good deal on...
  3. Performance
    Hi all, Relatively new poster here about my 489 BBC build. I've had plenty of issues along the way but my 489 streeter is on it's way to being built. It's got: - GEN V block decked+honed (all 4 bolt mains replaced with ARP studs) - Wiseco forged pistons +0.030" (21cc dome) - 10:1 measured...
  4. Engine
    Just got the dyno numbers from Mark on my new 496 4 bolt build. Cant speak high enough about working with Mark thus far I'm excited to get this monster installed!! 4.310 X 4.250 9.9 compression, ported 049 GM heads 1.880/2.190 238/248/578/608/108/104.5 Hyd roller, Performer RPM air gap intake...
  5. LSx Engine
    I am completely new to this forum and to my own personal project in general. If this is in the wrong place feel free to move it. I want to begin building a 496 BBB and have begun doing research but would like anyone else's input. I do not want to be to general but please feel free to post...
  6. Performance
    I have an 10.7, 498 with 60459 eddy's and 60213 lunati roller. My question is how much initial timing are you guys running? you thing 19 is enough? Im trying to dial it in. thanks
  7. Black Death 1969 Chevelle

    This car has transformed into a Gunmetal with all chrome blacked out, a lowered chance, and fat tires. This is a full bodied car. Stock interior. Street driven on E85 and currently raced on alcohol.
  8. Black Death/Mark Jones 498

    Black Death-Mark Jones 498 Street Driven on E85 and currently raced on Alcolhol!
  9. Performance
    I noticed when i pulled my 496 for repair I had ton of carbon deposit on the pistons, intake and exhaust ports of my heads? The engine only had about 350 miles before breakdown? Does anybody have any idea what would cause this? thanks
  10. Performance
    I'm planning another 496 build for my chevelle. I currently have a lunati 60623 voodoo cam with specs While trying to calculate my compression ratio, I learned that the dynamic ratio matters the most on a pump gas car. When I add my specs into...
  11. Performance
    I have a set of 60459 eddy heads and I'm trying to purchase a set of valve springs to match my camshaft. The recommened valve spring kit is Lunati 73121k1lun. Does anybody know if they will fit and what is the difference between 10 degree locks or 7 degree locks does that matter and does the...
  12. Performance
    I know the stock oil pan will work with 4.25 crank but since I have the engine out making a few changes so I am a little concerned about windage after reading past threads. Should I purchase a different pan for a street car turning less than 6000rpm? I have the mildon stock replacement 5 quart...
  13. Engine
    Okay here is the story, I picked up a 496 that was built with procomp parts (I know they are crap but anyway) I installed before i deployed and it ran fine when i came home to continue my resto I forgot the air cleaner stud was loose and it fell in my carb and the metal fragments damaged 3...
1-15 of 15 Results