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  1. Performance
    Hi All, KC asked me to post the results for his pump gas 496 with the AFR 265cc CNC chamber heads, Chris Straub hybrid solid roller, Victor Jr & Pro Systems SV1 Not too shabby for a set of poor little 265cc oval heads RIGHT OUT OF THE BOX, ABSOLUTELY NO EXTRA WORK I did not dyno this it was...
  2. Performance
    my engine is at the dyno and will be dyno's monday. who wants to guess the power? whoever is the closest without going over it the winner. winner gets a cookie fedex'd overnight to them! you only think im sure to tell me what kind of cookie you like Combo 496 stroker Edelbrock...
  3. Performance
    I finally got to see my 496 run that Chris Straub cammed for me. It is a S/R Straub custom cam, with GMPP oval 2.25 x 1.88 out of the box heads. Running about 10.6 to 1, forged assembly. The ovals cc'd at 111cc. It has an Edelbrock Performer RPM intake. (Intake and heads painted Chevy...
1-3 of 3 Results