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496 bbc
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  1. Engine
    Hello, everybody. I have a few questions regarding a 496 I've built for boost. I've changed my mind about the boost application, and until I decide, I'm curious how the motor will run with a blower cam and pistons gapped for boost until the supercharger is installed. I'd rather not tear apart...
  2. Performance
    Hey guys I built a motor a few years ago, and it was a fellow motor shops build sheet I used and all the machine work was also professionally done by him as well. It has a nice cam for the street in it, idles great and I think the lift was around the low 600’s. Unfortunately I do not have the...
  3. Performance
    Hi all, Relatively new poster here about my 489 BBC build. I've had plenty of issues along the way but my 489 streeter is on it's way to being built. It's got: - GEN V block decked+honed (all 4 bolt mains replaced with ARP studs) - Wiseco forged pistons +0.030" (21cc dome) - 10:1 measured...
1-3 of 3 Results