1. 454 bare block

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    454 standard bore, 2 bolt main, casting 361959 K 21 75 date Had good compression before pulled 145 - 150 psi per cylinder. Cylinder walls have light scoring, lifter bores are good. $400 obo I'm in dutchess county NY
  2. 67 w 454 Pulley, Bracket, and Radiator Fitment.

    Hello All, I recently bought a 1967 Chevelle in pieces and am in the process of planning and putting back together. One of the pieces is a Gen IV 454 and I am trying to figure out which water pump\pulley & bracket\radiator\fan setup. I am under the impression that there are clearance issues...
  3. New 454 Feels like misfire

    Hey team, so I have a freshly built 454 in my restoration and I have a few problems I am trying to flush out. The first major one is where it feels like it is misfiring. I have checked the plugs and pushed on each one when it was running both at the plug end and the distributor end. Ideas for...
  4. Initial 454 Rebuild Post Starting Questions

    454/th400 both rebuilt and before I finished putting the rest of the engine bay together I wanted to get it started. Done! Now a couple things I am fuzzy on. Specs: 454 hyd roller cam, summit mini-high torque starter, victor junior clone, summit double pumper carb, holley mechanical fuel pump...
  5. 454 ground up 71' - "Engine Time"

    I'm knee deep into my ground up 71' Chevelle 454 restoration. This will be a pump gas street car and want it to go fast, stop quick, corner as good as possible, and sound mean as hell. The chassis (powder coat doner frame) is mostly done (thx Mark @ SC&C- AFX suspension kit, V2 Verishock, 14"...
  6. 454 Engine Needed

    I am looking to find a ~550 HP 454 or 502 engine for my 67 Chevelle. I was all set to buy one from Vortec Pro Performance in CO Springs near where I live but it appears that Mark Jones is no longer online. I live near the Denver, CO area. What are reasonable engine builder alternatives that I...
  7. 366 Large oval port heads on 454?

    Hi, I'm new to this forum, but finally purchased a chevelle which at this is just a roller already primed. My dad and I were fixing up one together when I was younger, but unfortunately the painter ran off with it. Anyways, I bought a 454 with a 400 Turbo trans, and unfortunately the 454 came...
  8. 454 Dynoed @ 425hp - What's it worth?

    What's it worth?
    I'm trying to value the 454 that my father and I had built for our 69 Chevelle back in 2005. The motor never made it in the car. It has 0 miles since rebuilt. I've done numerous searches on Ebay and all over the web trying to compare what I've got vs. other built 454's, but I thought getting...
  9. 454 Big Block

    454 Big Block

    A peek under the hood
  10. 71 SS Finally "Complete"

    Projects & Builds
    Finally got my 71 to a point where I'm willing to drive and show it. Of course you are never really done with a project car. It's a 454 car with a 700R4 12 bolt 3:73 gear new interior and lots of new sheet metal.Working cowl induction holley street avenger carb March serpentine pulley system, it...
  11. 454 Four Bolt Marine Block

    Is there any difference between a 454 4 bolt marine block and a car LS6 block? Thanks.
  12. Any 60205, 60204, 606213, or 60612 lunati cam users

    I have an 10.7, 498 with 60459 eddy's and 60213 lunati roller. My question is how much initial timing are you guys running? you thing 19 is enough? Im trying to dial it in. thanks
  13. 454 Shaking like crazy

    Hey guys, while I was driving normally down the road and I came to a stop light my car started shaking violently. I pulled over and got out and the engine was shaking quite badly (not motor mounts). RPM's are normal, oil pressure is normal (35-40 at a stop and 65 while on the move), the balancer...
  14. Where can I find a 454 front A/C bracket?

    Heating & Cooling
    I amn looking for a front A/C bracket for a BBC for the a/c compressor for my '71. This is the pice that bolts to the front of the compressor right behind the clutch and is used to adjust the belt tension. It looks like the letter "C". I've checked e-bay and the classsifieds but no help. Any...
  15. 496 stroker kit questions? Help Please

    Okay here is the story, I picked up a 496 that was built with procomp parts (I know they are crap but anyway) I installed before i deployed and it ran fine when i came home to continue my resto I forgot the air cleaner stud was loose and it fell in my carb and the metal fragments damaged 3...
  16. Lunati 60621 - Gen VI 454 Checklist

    New to the board. I have a 1971 Blazer that I am doing a frame off on, and found this board to be the best/informative when it comes to all things BBC! :thumbsup: I have a 1997 Vortec 454 with less than 2,000 miles. I've been doing a lot of research on this site looking on the best route to...
  17. My '74 El Camino Classic

    My '74 El Camino Classic

    Powered by a 454 w/215 heads it moves out good for a 5200 pound car.
  18. New member

    New Member Introductions
    :DHello all, I just bought my dream Car, a Nascar Tribute 1966 Chevelle with 454 .030 over, and turbo 400 transmission. It has a B & M ratchet shifter, and I've got a few problems-I hope are not real serious. It does not shift to second or drive when selected. It must be 3500 rpm or above to...
  19. Which is the right head gasket??????

    I have built a 454 .60 over 840 heads hyd. roller. Well as soon as the motor was together a lifter bottom cam out, engine works brand, all comp roller now! Fixed that then a piece of the lifter bottom locked the oil pump up there was a massive hole in the screen that I have no Idea how it got...
  20. 454 waiting to breath

    454 waiting to breath

    Just installed the newly rebuilt 454 onto the new frame