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454 dyno

  1. Performance
    Did my first chassis dyno today, it was awesome. Made 345 HP and 365 Tq at the wheels. Temp was 77F, humidity was 49%. I need to change jets to get my fuel curve in line. Engine specs: 1972 454 0.030 over block 049 heads with 2.19I and 1.88E valves, 1.7 crane roller rockers, no port work...
  2. Performance
    468 9.97:1 diamond pistons with ceramic coated tops dart pro-1 heads 310 runner 229 [email protected] .50 .640 lift 112LSA eagle h beams with 2000 bolt upgrade 4.00 inch scat 4340 crank head studs 4 bolt with main studs 435hp tri-power set up