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  1. Engine
    I have the parts to build both L88....or LS7... which one first..? 454 Block 2bolt, can be made 4 bolt. L88 Pistons L88 Floated Tin Flashed Rods 427, 396 forged steel crank. LS7 12.5:1 pistons LS7 Floated Tin Flashed Rods LS7 GM NOS Crank in box, factory balanced with tech sheet of part...
  2. General Classifieds
    454 standard bore, 2 bolt main, casting 361959 K 21 75 date Had good compression before pulled 145 - 150 psi per cylinder. Cylinder walls have light scoring, lifter bores are good. $400 obo I'm in dutchess county NY
  3. 427 stroker

    427 stroker

  4. Engine
    Is there any difference between a 454 4 bolt marine block and a car LS6 block? Thanks.
  5. Engine
    GM built 427 Anniversary edition ZL1s. Are they all gone or are some still available? I don't have any part numbers.
  6. COPO in Black

    COPO in Black

    We had the Chevelle painted black in the summer of 1972.
  7. Our COPO 427 Engine

    Our COPO 427 Engine

    L72 427, 425 hp engine. MQ code.
  8. Our New COPO Chevelle

    Our New COPO Chevelle

    The car was new at the time of this photo.
  9. New COPO Chevelle

    New COPO Chevelle

    The car was new at the time of this photo.