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  1. 1967
    Looking for a good set of GM #3909802 heads [email protected] Thanks
    $1 USD
  2. Chevelle Tech
    Does anyone have any recommendations on a serpentine kit for a 67 chevelle with 396. I've been reading that the a body chevelles had clearance issues with several serp kits. I'm looking for part numbers and testimonies from people that have successfully installed a serpentine kit.
  3. Parts
    original stock cast iron intake off a 1969 396 big block. 150.00 or best offer plus shipping.
    $150 USD
  4. What's it worth?
    I’ve recently stumbled across a 1967 Chevelle SS and the guy claims it’s one of the dealer added 427’s, I read all the previous conversations about wether or not these were “real cars” or just a myth, but he does have a build sheet that says L72 427 conversion, and he also has the numbers...
  5. Tag Team
    I've read previous posts but still need help deciphering some codes and stamps on my '70 SS. I wrote down some of these numbers in 1989 and can't recall exactly WHERE on the car I found them. CE 164829, block number in front of right-side head. I've learned mine is a warranty-replacement short...
  6. Body Shop
    I purchased a 67 Malibu 136 vin ( so original v8 ) , 13617 tag. It has a 396 motor. It has zero badging of any kind - nothing , the body is 100% clean of any badging. I plan on putting all factory correct Chevelle and Malibu badging , except for the fender flags. I am thinking of placing 396...
  7. What's it worth?
    Have a set of 3856208 heads. I know they’re for a 1965 375/425 396. I don’t think the dates are matching (see photos) codes are G145 and F?5 What’s the value of these things?
  8. Engine
    I have an Engine Block w/ casting # 3855961 with a 4-bolt main. I can't locate the date code and it looks like the VIN is missing. Any idea what this engine is? Is this a 1966 L78 375hp 396? ANy help locating the date code and explain why the VIN is missing?
  9. What's it worth?
    Hi, I have a buddy who is willing to sell me his 396 Big Block Engine. He said to make an offer, but I don't even know where to start. The engine was originally in a Chevy Chevelle (I don't know what year), then was put in a 1965 Chevy pickup truck. He says that the engine would need to be...
  10. 1966 SS Parting out 70s way it was

    How it was, parting out Chevelles, was not unusual to cut up, part out with frame problems. Today that car would be saved. One year we bought 4x SS 66s to make one 66 convert.
  11. Chevelle Tech
    Hello I am new to this forum as I am primarily a long time MOPAR fan. I recently purchased a 1969 SS396 (325 hp) and love it. Only had it a week and a half. It ran great when I first got it (it was restored by the way) after the initial dead battery problem was solved with a slow charge...
  12. Chevelle Tech
    winters (somewhat) over and it’s time for me to bring my car back from sitting at my dads house. anything i need to do before driving it 25 miles back to my moms? should i add something to the gas? i saw the oil a month ago and it was charcoal black and felt like water but his girlfriend...
  13. General Classifieds
    454 standard bore, 2 bolt main, casting 361959 K 21 75 date Had good compression before pulled 145 - 150 psi per cylinder. Cylinder walls have light scoring, lifter bores are good. $400 obo I'm in dutchess county NY
  14. New Member Introductions
    Hello All I am New to the Chevelle world and New to this forum, however I did use this forum for tips and pointers when looking to purchase my car. I am the proud owner of a 1967 SS 396, it needs work but Im up for it.
  15. Chevelle Tech
    Hey guys i am going to build a 396 soon and i want to get the most horsepower possible for as cheap as possible. What kind of horsepower would i get if i bored it .030, stock crank/pistons, comp magnum 280, with stock heads ported and polished, and just about everything else stock? Any...
  16. JAyers 72 Chevelle SS Clone Project

    This is my 1972 SS clone project car. As you can see, it needs tons of work, but I can't wait to bring this beast back to life.
  17. Engine
    Is there any difference between a 454 4 bolt marine block and a car LS6 block? Thanks.
  18. 1969 SS 396 - Rochester, MN

    This is my 1969 SS 396 el Camino that I have owned for 30 years
1-18 of 21 Results