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1972 chevelle

  1. Chevelle Tech
    everywhere I look its asking for a vin and year but doesnt go before 1980. this is my first car and I'm trying to get insured. I only paid 8k for it so I don't care if the agreed-upon value is low.
  2. Electrical & Wiring
    Hey im pretty new here but what bulbs would be need for replacing the driver headlight and side marker, passenger headlight and side marker, and all 4 tail lights? Also where would be the best place to get them for, for the cheapest price. I dont mind if they only last 6 months or if their not...
  3. Chevelle Tech
    (you can skip this but heres some background info) Hey my name's kyal and I turned 18 about a month ago. I just bought my first car, a 1972 chevelle big block (im not sure if its a 396 or 454) for 8 thousand. it runs and drives and only has surface rust and paint bubbles. I have 2 problems with...