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  1. Chevelle Tech
    winters (somewhat) over and it’s time for me to bring my car back from sitting at my dads house. anything i need to do before driving it 25 miles back to my moms? should i add something to the gas? i saw the oil a month ago and it was charcoal black and felt like water but his girlfriend...
  2. New Member Introductions
    I have had my 71 since I was 15, I am now 33. It has gone through its periods of extended rest, as will happen with life. But I am currently throwing a little TLC back into it and getting it looking good again. Here's a couple years back when I got it all shined up.
  3. In Memoriam
    Kenny passed away in spring of 2007 but I am new to this forum so I wanted to post about him. He was my dad's best friend from a couple of years before I was born until the spring of my freshman year of college. He road tripped with us to go buy me my dream car, a run down '71 Chevelle, that...
  4. Restoration Corner
    I understand there was a change in 1971 tail lamps with a larger backup lens area. Anyone know the approximate date the change was done? Am I correct the smaller backup lens was the early version? Did the outside tail lamp change as well?
  5. 1971 Arlington Chevellle, Charlene

    1971 Arlington Chevellle, Charlene

    Me and my baby Charlene
  6. Projects & Builds
    Finally got my 71 to a point where I'm willing to drive and show it. Of course you are never really done with a project car. It's a 454 car with a 700R4 12 bolt 3:73 gear new interior and lots of new sheet metal.Working cowl induction holley street avenger carb March serpentine pulley system, it...
  7. Body Shop
    My '71 Malibu was bought with an "ok" paint job. A little orange-peel and ok looking. But it's had key scratches down one side since before I bought it. There's a hole clear through the hood from a lame A/C place, and small chips and cracks all over. From one hot summer (this is a daily driver...
  8. American Auto Wire
    Do you have a 1968-1972 Chevelle station wagon or El Camino? Wondering why we don’t make a Classic Update series kit for you? Well, fear not, because we do. You can use our 1968-1969 Chevelle (part# 510158) and 1970-1972 Chevelle (part# 510105) Classic Update kits with this El Camino and...
  9. Restoration Corner
    Hello I am restoring a '71 Malibu 350 Convertible. It's time to paint the framework of the convertible top. I want to know what type of black it is supposed to be. I am fairly sure it was not gloss black or flat black. So, the question is... should it be semi-gloss (a.k.a. 60 degree black...