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  1. 1970 Chevelle in 2022

    My Chevelle after 52 years of ownership and all mechanical/engine/paint done by myself.
  2. 20221114_213506.jpg

    468 cu in 500 hp at 5700 and 550 lb ft of torque at 4200.
  3. Interiors
    Hi. I bought replacement window felts for my 1970 Malibu. I was able to install the front window felts and the driver side quarter window, however the passenger quarter window is giving me trouble. I can not get the window felt to sit in/on the curvature of the vehicle well. At the bend of the...
  4. Troubleshooting
    New guy on the forum here. I have a 70 chevelle 454 ss. I can’t seem to get the flapper to open and close when driving. Opens when car is off. Closes when car turns on. No kinks anywhere. Doesn’t work with hood opened or closed. Tried it with check valve on and off and in both directions. Hooked...
  5. Engine
    Hello everyone, my Dad left my Sister and I a Chevelle after he passed away a couple years ago. Still learning about the cars. We noticed a strange engine noise. Can anyone help me figure out what this is? I really appreciate any help. 1970 Green Chevelle
  6. Interior and Soft Trim
    We have had about 5 Chevelles and finding the fender molding spears are impossible to find. Anyone knows where to find one?
  7. Projects & Builds
    I started typing up a doc to help me remember everything I have done on the car so far. I figured if I was going to all the trouble I should share it on here. I am pretty new at all this so any tips or advice is much appreciated. It all started with purchasing this 1971 Chevelle from a family...
  8. Projects & Builds Grandfather, Dad and I ended up driving up to Oklahoma earlier this week and picking up a Chevelle that we have been chasing down for almost 2 years and bringing it home with us! Extremely excited because this car is actually the first car that I bought for myself! Anyways I thought I...
  9. Transmission & Driveline
    We are far enough into the 1970 Chevelle Legend700 5 Speed install to post pictures and answer questions. As a '70 Chevelle owner, I am very pleased how well the Legend700 fit within the tunnel. Today's new type high performance transmissions need a precision bellhousing alignment, the...
  10. What's it worth?
    1970 Chevelle, AT, 383, New Vintage Air, new UMI suspension, new tach, 10 bolt, TH 350, nice clone, original Arizona car, no rust, central Texas area. Looking at new Corvette!
  11. Reunited after 37 years

    We purchased this vehicle off the dealer's showroom in Dec. 1969. We sold it 5 years later to a friend for $1,200. He sold it a couple of days later for $3,500. I found the "same car", and re-purchased it, Feb. 2012 while looking for a Classic Car for my youngest son. The vehicle will stay
  12. Chevelle Tech
    I'm planning on hooking up my 8 track stereo. Does anyone have suggestions on what speakers to use? The stereo needs between 8-10 ohm impedence. I don't have the originals. Is there a way to use the common 4 ohm speakers being sold with some sort of modification??? Thanks
  13. Chevelle Restomod

    Motor and trany in the Chevelle
  14. Chevelle Resto

    Front frame and firewall done
  15. Chevelle Resto

    Cleaning, filling holes, painting.
1-18 of 20 Results