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1969 chevelle

  1. Chevelle Tech
    Hello, I am having issues with my 1969 Chevelle SS. My tachometer is malfunctioning after short run times. The issue is that the tachometer works then stops working then once again seems to be fine. This occurs all while driving a short distance. (couple miles). Then it just completely...
  2. My 69' Chevelle

    My 69' Chevelle

    My Chevelle that I pulled out of a hedge row in the middle of Kansas and paid $500.00 for. 2Years, Gray Hair, Pissed off Wife, Less Money and lots of extra scars on my hands and arms. Worth every bit of it :)
  3. 69 Malibu

    69 Malibu

    Purchased from original owner in 1978. Painted in 79 glacier blue, painted in 81 black, painted in 83 glacier blue and that is how it sits in this pic 2002 and with the same paint today 8/21/2011.
  4. Black Death 1969 Chevelle

    Black Death 1969 Chevelle

    Side view
  5. Black Death 1969 Chevelle

    Black Death 1969 Chevelle

    Rear view
  6. Black Death 1969 Chevelle

    Black Death 1969 Chevelle

    This car has transformed into a Gunmetal with all chrome blacked out, a lowered chance, and fat tires. This is a full bodied car. Stock interior. Street driven on E85 and currently raced on alcohol.
  7. 1969 Chevelle

    1969 Chevelle

    69 chevelle dusk blue parchment interior Ls1 conversion
  8. Chevelle Tech
    I have a pair of old GM NOS fenders that I bought in the late 80's with part numbers of 3953853 and 3953854 - lately there have been a few fenders popping-up on eBay with part numbers of 03953853 and 03953854 - why the leading zero? And why would the "Genuine GM" stickers have barcodes on them...