1. 1968 Malibu Light Green Interior

    Does anyone know if someone makes the front split bench and rear seat covers for 68 in the light green with the correct cloth inserts? Legendary carries them for 69, but is has the 69 cloth pattern inserts. All I have been able to find for the 68 is the all vinyl covers with out the cloth...
  2. stolen Chevelle VIN lookup online?

    Tag Team
    I had my Chevelle stolen 5 years ago and was wondering where the best place to go online to try and search for it by the VIN number!:(
  3. Long time Reader, First time Poster

    New Member Introductions
    Hi, I've been visiting this site for years, finally joined a year ago, and decided to go all in today by becoming a lifetime member in the hopes of better supporting this wonderful resource. A short introduction would go like this: I got my first (and only) Chevelle in 1986 as a HS graduation...
  4. 1968-1972 Chevelle station wagon and El Camino add-on kit

    American Auto Wire
    Do you have a 1968-1972 Chevelle station wagon or El Camino? Wondering why we don’t make a Classic Update series kit for you? Well, fear not, because we do. You can use our 1968-1969 Chevelle (part# 510158) and 1970-1972 Chevelle (part# 510105) Classic Update kits with this El Camino and...
  5. 1968-1969 Chevelle Classic Update wiring kit released!

    American Auto Wire
    American Autowire is proud to release the 1968-1969 Chevelle Classic Update Kit (part number 510158) which retails for $569.00. Classic Update Kits are one of the most complete kits on the market to “Make Wiring THAT Easy”. Designed for specific year, make, and model configurations the...
  6. '68 Tach inop & wet oil pressure gauge leak

    My '68 convertible is finally out of body work, paint and brakes. The factory tach wasn't hooked up when I bought the car (it had an MSD 6 ignition, a knee-knocker tach and after market gauges). I've installed a new MSD 6 AL ignition. Is there any way to get the factory tach to work with the...
  7. 1967 Chevelle w/1968 rear end...WHEEL SIZE??

    Wheels & Tires
    I haven't got the wheel tech down yet. I hope someone is able to help. I have a 1967 Chevelle that has a 1968 rear end in it. This means I loose 1.50 inches of space (the '68 rear end is wider that a factory '67). Does anyone know what is the widest wheel and backspacing needed for this...
  8. 1968 Frame

    Restoration Corner
    I am looking for a 1969 Chevelle frame for a 2 door hardtop. Preferably for a big block, if that makes a difference. I had someone call, and say they had a frame out of a 1968 4 door that is the same. Now from what I understand, the 4 door is not the same. Can anyone verify this to make sure. I...