1967 chevelle

  1. 1967 Chevelle Wagon

    Chevelle Tech
    I need a little help figuring out what motor I can use to replace the window motor on the tailgate of my 1967 Chevelle wagon. I am also in search of the bracket that hold the rear window of the same 1967 Chevelle wagon. I have tried the different restoration sites and no-one seems to have...
  2. 1967 Chevelle SS Convertible block casting is 3916323 PLEASE HELP

    Tag Team
    Help needed with a 1967 Chevelle SS Convertible Hello everyone, please forgive me, I'm not too familiar on how to use the forum, but here it goes anyway. About April 2013 by a stroke of luck I located a car here on Team Chevelle in an old ad in the classified from 2011. It was the car I...
  3. Need help with value of this car?

    What's it worth?
    I am looking at this car on eBay. Was hoping some of you guys could help me with n approximate value in your opinions. I will post the link below for all to see. I like the car, but I m not a good judge of the values yet...
  4. 1967 Chevelle SS Rear Window Repair

    Body Shop
    I have a '67 Chevelle SS 396 and the rear window track/channel is rusted away as many of them are. The roof top and sail panels are perfect and no rust. I'm hoping to get some ideas as to what I can do to repair the problem. I have the opportunity to buy a roof/top from a 1966 Chevelle coupe...