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1966 chevelle

  1. Brakes, Suspension & Steering
    I am in the process of converting over to power steering in my SS396. The Saginaw gearbox (5691676) fits, but the tapered end of the pitman arm that came with the gearbox doesn't fit the stock drag link. Can anyone tell me a part number of a pitman arm with close to 1.193 for the splined hole...
  2. Bench Racing
    I just came across this today - apparently it is either just released or close to it. Anybody seen one in person? How's it look? Pretty cool - be nice if they do a 1/24 version. :cool:
  3. Pro Touring
    I started a ground-up buildup on a '66 Chevelle that I've owned for 20 years, and I thought that it would be interesting to share my adventure. I probably should have started sharing sooner in the project as I'm sure many of you could have saved me some frustration as I've tried some things...
  4. What's it worth?
    I paid $44,500 from Sal at gateway classic cars over 2 years ago.... I lost my job, now i am wondering if the retail price of this chevelle went up or down! Goto to see 2 - 3 minute video's featuring this NICE car which will help you folks help me determine the value so...
  5. 1966 Chevelle

    1966 Chevelle

  6. 1966 Chevelle

    1966 Chevelle

  7. 1966 Chevelle in the driveway

    1966 Chevelle in the driveway