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General Information

El Camino
Currently primer
283 4 Spd car
My father purchased the car quite awhile ago, but has been unable to get going on it due to moving as well as some medical issues. I wanted to help him with the medical bills, but my father wouldn't take any money from me. I made him a deal and convinced him to sell me the car in return for taking the money he needed. I did this knowing full well that I would get the car from him and build it the way he wanted to do it for himself. Once I get it all finished, I am going to return it to him as a gift. He has no clue that this is happening.
1965 Chevrolet El Camino (Currently primer)


Here is where it will get interesting. I am putting in a date correct 396 that clones the Z16 Chevelle engine as close as I can get it. It will not be 100% authentic, but it will be as close as I can get it. More to follow here soon as it gets to be time for this engine to be built.
Stock interior with the SS Chevelle gauges.
All stock for now. Just going to get the body as straight as possible and painted the 2015 corvette crystal red metallic. I am just beginning this project, updates will follow.
The stock radio will be in the dash but in the glove box I am going to put in a bluetooth radio, and hide some aftermarket speakers for a little better sound
Stock suspension with boxed rear control arms.
Wheel and Tire
Wheels are going to be Cragar, either the old school SS wheels or the 17 inch newer style. Tires are still up for discussion, but will most likely be a set of Mickey Thompson street radials.



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