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General Information

Chevelle Malibu
Silver Mist Metallic
This was my first car. Bought this car in 1987 or so when I was 15 years old (now 45 yrs young).

She was built in Oshawa, On. in December of 71 as a puke green, 307 Malibu Classic. She was purchased and driven to Nova Scotia where at some point in her life she was handed down to the son of the original purchaser who treated her to a faux SS re-freshening circa early 80s so in other words -poorly done.

Over 30+ years I have slowly reversed most of that keeping a few SS trim pieces and such that I liked. She got new floors and rear quarters, new bumpers recently, new interior aside from headliner and dash. I was able to get a 2 bolt 350 from a 68(?) Impala rebuilt and dropped in, rebuilt the trans while we were at it.

She's rolling on drums and all stock -slightly modified suspension. I added dually pick up rear springs to the rear to jack it up some and save my tire lettering from being scraped off when she was under load.

"The Plan" - I know that aside from nostalgia the car is pretty worthless on the collector market so my goal is to make a reliable, safe, track day car that I can tear up the streets with and take to the circuit on weekends. Soooo....I'm thinking disc brake conversion, I'm also currently thinking UMI suspension components up front, drop it down some-still researching how to go about that, lower springs drop spindles, both? Anyway, I'd like to get the car feeling planted, solid and safe. Safety seat and roll bars with a restraint system would likely be required as well. May need to swap out the gas tank but over all to keep the car as stock appearing as possible while also being a track-whore.
1972 Chevrolet Chevelle Malibu (Silver Mist Metallic)


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