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Chevelle SS
Stripped down to bare frame and body. Did a full build over a five year period and still tinkering with it regularly to improve things like comfort, handling, safety, sound, mileage, etc.
Full build details are here: [url][/url]
1966 Chevrolet Chevelle SS (Black) 357 C.I. Chevrolet Engine, Weiand 671 Super Charger, Dual 750 Holley XP Carbs. MSD 6AL2, HVCII coil, MSD distributor, and MSD GV Controller. Turbo 400 Transmission with Reid Case, RMVB and 2500 TSI stall, backed by a Gear Vendors Overdrive. Ford 9” rear end with Nodular case, Wavetrac diff and 3.0 gears. 4 wheel disc brakes - Kore 3 Corvette Z-51 package. Detroit Speed front end and sway bar. Currie Track 9 Rear with double adjustable Currie upper and Spohn lower arms. HR Parts n stuff anti-roll bar and adjustable Strange shocks all around. 10,000 street miles driven since the five year frame up build was finished in 2015. I keep making slight changes in exhaust and suspension, etc. to make it perform better and to prepare for my bucket list Power Tour adventure in 2022. Four Borla mufflers and resonator tips tone it down but the QTP cutouts let it's real voice be heard. I did all of the work on the car myself with the exptions of the paint and body work, the headliner and seat upholstery, and the front and rear glass install. I built the engine, trans, rear end, did the wiring, etc. and know my car inside and out. I have invested thousands of hours into research and wrench turning to achieve my goals with this car. Theme for the build is drag/touring. It should run mid 10 second quarter mile times and has already been a blast on the autocross and stays cool cruising on hot summer days. I primarily drive it on the street so I did not install a roll cage. It is an original 138 VIN Super Sport. My emotions got the best of me when I bought it and I had overlooked the true condition of the car. There wasn’t one straight panel or trim piece and there was alot of hidden rust. When I pulled the body and sent it to media blast I was shocked. I salvaged the main body shell (after much metal work) but everything else, including the frame was replaced. There is not one bolt on this car that has not been turned by me or wire that was not soldered by me. I even built the custom carbs myself using Holley components.


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