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Bought in 1995. Got me through some rough years in my 20's with help from some very good car-guy friends back when I was a plumber and gas fitter. I'm a medical doctor now but those "car guy" friend still mean the world to me and I'll be there for them, as they will be there for me... till the end. Finally getting around to doing the frame-off in my "spare time" (started Nov 2017).
1972 Chevrolet Chevelle (Blue/Black)


468 BBC with cast iron 049 oval ports fitted with 2.25" intakes and 1.88 exhaust valves. I spent over 100 hours with a dremel on these heads back when I had more time than money (though those bits cost me small fortune). Read more books on
porting than I'd like to admit (David Vizard is a personal favourite). Also ported the RPM Airgap intake... fully. 230/230 0.513/0.513 on 110 LSA 4 degrees advanced. Works amazingly well on the street. Also built the Th400 (many mods) and 3.73 12 bolt posi.
Going stock but replacing everything down to the seat foam.. and some springs.
Dual sport mirrors. 0.5" narrowed rear end to fit 295/50/15 BFG's on 15x10 corvette rally wheels without any rubbing on the wheel well trim (done mainly for the big bearing 9" c-clip delete).
Retrosound Hermosa connected to two..yest two Alpine PDX-V9 5 channel amps driving actively 2x Morel CDM-880 100W RMS front speakers, 4x Alpine SPR-10TW 100W RMS tweeters (a-pillars and sail panels), 2x Alpine R-S69 100W RMS 6x9's in the parcel shelf, and likely 2x Alpine S-series 12' subs rear firing (haven't bought the subs yet). Hoping those Morel mid range speakers work well... they sure fit nicely. Built the brackets from parts of my old central vacuum mount.
Global west "negative roll" front and full Global West rear setup including Spherical upper bushings. Yes, I know this messes up the Ackerman, increases the steering ratio and does not correct the bump steer (though that is better than stock when combined with the Beartracks tie rod ends). I'm building this car the way I would have in the mid 1990's... had I been able to afford the process.
Wheel and Tire
15x8 corvette rally with 245/60R15 BFG's out front and 15x10 corvette rally with 295/50R15's out back. Wheels from Wheel Vintiques.



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