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General Information

El Camino
midnight blue
496ci Big Block
I am building a 67 Elco. Since my budget is limited I did all the modifications on my own. I have a history of engine building and held 14 land speed records at one time.
I did block mods, porting Brodix heads(BB3 Xtra Os) and intake, body work, cut out and welded any rust, installed new A-arms, disc brakes, suspension etc... Art Car built a 200R4 with all his goodies and installed the tranny. I am getting ready to paint the car.
I am handicapped and doing all this work (with one leg) is a bitch. But it saved me a ton of money! Oh, on the dyno the motor made 718hp and 650 ft.lbs torque. Although the motor was to lean at 14.7 so there is more hp in there and I just welded bungs and tubes on the valve covers to evac some case vacuum which is worth another 15hp. So, tuned right and with controlled vacuum, 730hp is probubly going to be the normaly aspirated outcome with 10:5.1 compression.
1967 Chevrolet El Camino (midnight blue)



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